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Thread: Changes to Zazamacs and Picts

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    Changes to Zazamacs and Picts

    I see that in the errata for Book of Armies 1st edtion Greg said that he changed theto Zazamacs and Picts and gave them some new maneuvers:

    Add to Zazamac
    Maneuvers of
    Feigned Retreat
    Flee Fighting

    Add to Picts

    receives no bonus

    Add both to the Glossary

    My BOA is from 2009. IS the errata with those maneuvers available somewhere?

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    I'm aware of no later versions of BoA...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taliesin View Post
    I'm aware of no later versions of BoA...

    Okay, but Greg did state that he added those maneuver down in the Errata thread for BoA.

    So are those new maneuvers available somewhere?

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    It think that these were just reminders for himself: he was saying "Next time we revise BoA, I'll have to remember to add Feigned Retreat and Flee Fighting to Zazamancs", and so on.

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    "Flee fighting" is described at p. 52 of BoBattle 2nd Ed.
    "Feigned Retreat", "Flee Fighting" and "Shiltron" (that receives no bonus) are all cited (but not described) at p. 87 of BoBattle 2nd, as "Fancy Tactics". Each entry also includes a reference to BoA, and I suppose these were references to a future revision of the book that would include and describe them. My previous comment becomes even more plausible.

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