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    Greenhome Estate

    I needed someplace to "exile" the PC's when their gaffe's at court became too numerous so I rolled a random estate for their lord from BotE and settled on Greenhome. The map and break down in BotE is simple and clear, until you get to the Bramblefield Hundred description which says "Two segments of the hundred are in the holding, separate but contiguous to Aldermarket." The map on pg.67 seems to clearly depict Bramblefield Hundred bisected by the Aldermarket Hundred but the sidebar listing of settlements place what should be eastern Aldermarket Hundred locations - Oldtown, Endnarrow, Torrent, Churning and Gorse Hill - under the Bramblefield heading.

    To further complicate my brain twist is that the map in BotE does not match the Hundreds of Clarence posted on the GSPendragon website - - or the Hundreds map I received from Greg after an email request many months ago. The BotE map shows the 2 Hundreds as Aldermarket and Bramblefield, GSPendragon as Greenhome and Bramblefield, and the email as Bisley and Rapsgate. Neither the GSPendragon map nor the email map depict Bramblefield/Rapsgate as being bisected. The received map lists Hundreds income as £24 for the Bisley/Aldermarket portion roughly equating to the £26.4 in BotE, so that's cool, and the Rapsgate/Bramblefield Hundred as £46.4 which is close to the BotE entry £43.3 - before removing the £24.6 "Held by Others" portion. Which brings me to another brain lock - based on all three of the maps it appears that both Hundreds are completely within the holding, so what actually is "Held by others" to be of that large an amount of revenue? I've done Wikipedia searches for the Cotswold Hills to read about the area and history, but I don't see any listings for industries or settlements that could account for £24 of value. So what am I missing? I did find information for limestone quarries that could be in the area (from Wikipedia) and providing income, as well as a Salt Mine that appears to be located in the vicinity based on the BoU map (pg.127). Is there more to it?

    My thanks to anyone who can point me in the proper direction to continue researching, or shed light on the subject.

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    As the person who did the Greenhome Estate maps, I can only say that I did everything as directed (and approved) by Greg. He was an inveterate tinkerer, however, so it does not surprise me that there are discrepancies from a map he shared with you and the official map that was published. Alas, I cannot reconcile the two versions in something that could be considered "canon." If it were me, I'd modify any of this stuff to suit the needs of your campaign. There's not a true, objective answer to this conundrum.
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    Thank you for that response Taliesin. The value of the 2 hundreds lends itself better to the non-BotE maps, and since 2 out of 3 depict them that way I will probably stick with the older versions. Alas, my knowledge of the region and the time period limit my options for reconciling the "held by others" value so I will default to a limestone mine held by the Duke of Glevum - and fought over by his descendants -along with a handful of the settlements. It's a bit of a hackney solution, but should prove suitable to setting the table for the PK's while they explore the holdings and learn some proper courtly manners.

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