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Thread: KAP 1st edition cover

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    KAP 1st edition cover

    I recently picked up a copy of first edition KAP from eBay. I remember one of my friends showing it to me in 1985 when it came out. I was drawn in by how fresh and different it seemed from AD&D. Being teenagers with short attention spans, we never quite got around to playing, but the game always stayed in the back of my mind.

    I've always thought that that the box cover is part of what hooked me. Jody Lee's art is so evocative of classic Arthurian illustrations. Has anyone ever sold it as a print? I'd love to have it on my wall.

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    I have never seen it as a print. You might want to head over to and see if you can get an answer there, or perhaps suggest it. IIRC, when the old Chaosium offices were cleaned out, they found the original separations for the cover.


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    Or ask Chaosium.
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    Thank you for the replies. I also tried contacting the original artist through Etsy, but didn't get a reply. I'll try chaosium.

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    Jody Lee's website is
    There, she indicates that you can contact her directly by e-mail:
    Who knows? Maybe you'll have more luck in this way!

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