So I start reading the Mass Combat section (and have several times now and it just isn't clicking, and I know it should because it's a rules lite system) and it starts out pretty straight forward:

  1. Basically Mass Combats are hour long Extended Opposed Resolution and use Battle over Arms like you would in Personal Combat. Check.
  2. Add in a few more modifiers for Numbers, Troop Quality, Fortifications, and situational modifiers - so even more modifiers, a bit more swingy result, but yep. Check.
  3. A couple rounds is a Skirmish, and up to a dozen rounds is a Battle. Check
  4. Here is where I get lost... While the Commanders of each side fight their Battle, PCs roll for survival? PCs throwing two Battle Survival Throws per round; Battle + Presence and Battle + Brawn, plus the modifiers listed above AND their Personal Modifiers (Horse, Armor, Weapon, etc)? Why isn't it their Brawn and Presence + Arms instead of Battle (they are just in it, not leading it - unless they are)?
  5. The Battle Survival Throws are against a set of coins the GM throws based on the "Coin Values for Enemy Troops" and is also an Extended Opposed Resolution... hmmm, Check I guess.
  6. Is each PC fighting their own instance of the GM throw, or are they collectively each rolling twice against it? If the later, it seems too easy, may have answered my own question there.
  7. So, two throws vs GM one throw is a Battle Round? Do I, as GM, re-throw my remaining coins (assuming they didn't kill me outright?
  8. If the PCs survive the initial threat, but the Battle isn't resolved by the Commanders, do I present them with another group of enemy troops?
  9. Are the Presence + Battle and Brawn + Battle both rolled against the same number of GM successes individually?
    Example; I roll 3 successes for Enemy Troops. PC A rolls 2 successes with Battle + Presence (taking a coin hit) but also rolls 5 successes with Battle + Brawn doing 2 coin damage to the Enemy? Does PC B effect a 1 successes (after damage from PC A) Enemy, or does he roll against 3 Enemy successes as well? (pg 30) "If he loses either or both opposed throws, he loses coins from Presence and/or Brawn, possibly being brought to zero."
  10. Also from pg 30, "If an Adventurer is reduced to zero Presence during a battle, he panics, possibly being captured or killed. Zero Brawn indicates exhaustion or possibly injury, as with personal combat." Does that mean that BOTH Presence and Brawn damage tracks have to be tracked? I would assume so since once all the coins for Gear, Weapons, Horse, etc. are removed both could take different levels of 'damage'. If not and the 'damage' from a failed B+B and a failed P+B both come off the same track, then a Brawn 5 / Presence 2 PC will most always flee before being taken out?

Sorry, Prince Valiant is a rules lite game, so the answers should be obviously simple, and I am probably over thinking it - but a Battle or Skirmish example would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance,
The Bane