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Thread: Continuum 2018 - The Eschille are putting on some games

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    Continuum 2018 - The Eschille are putting on some games

    OK, so its around a month to go (20-23rd July) and we've sorted our games... We've submitted our final batch of games today and i would expect them to go up on the website in the next few days.

    They still have a few rooms left having got some more from the university after selling out. With the exception of the Saturday morning then there is a Pendragon game (one is a Lord of the Rings Rohan variant) in all the other seven slots. With the published versions of Paladins (Warriors of Charlemagne) and Aquelerre not being ready then we aren't running any of those. Games are run on sign up sheets so no guarantee you will get games but you can always catch one of us (look for the blue shirts) and certainly talk Pendragon. I'll be there running two games using the new book of Feasts which I will be happy to show off and explain to any Pendragon GM's if I'm not gaming.

    No connection with the con (we pay normal rate for our rooms) although like everyone we do get a free priority sign up and a beer token for running a game!

    Oh, and the limited edition eschille dice should be back - the rumour is that this convention's colour will be green.

    Chris P
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    Thanks for the game Chris, hope to see you there again in future years.

    Dave M

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