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Thread: Movement Follow-up

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    Movement Follow-up

    Some follow-up questions:

    1. I assume a gladiator can only Run and/or Sprint while moving Forward? That is, he can't run using Backwards movement.

    2. For Backwards movement, I don't understand the AGI+10 for each hex. I'm assuming that, when you make an Attribute Check, you "roll" d20, and you want to be equal or less than the modified attribute value. So, in this case, if a gladiator moves backwards 4 hexes, the Agility would be modified by +40 making it impossible not to trip? Assuming that it's a misprint (perhaps it was meant to be 1 instead of 10), shouldn't that be a -1 per hex, thus lowering the chance of passing the Agility Check?

    3. As a follow-up to the follow-up, for #2 above, is the modifer per hex above 3, i.e., 4 or 5 or for all the hexes? If the former, my question still stands except, of course, the modifer is limited to +10 or +20. This is where it makes more sense, to me, that it's supposed to be -1 or -2, thus making the Agility Check more difficult.

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    Page 8 Movement Table: Backwards 1-3 hexes NO EFFECT. The +10 doesn’t kick in until you attempt to move back a 4th hex and, yes, you will “trip” for sure after that.

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    With a +10 aren't I assured to NOT trip? AGI 6 + 10 = 16, so, if I roll a 16 or less I don't trip.

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