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Thread: Ideal number of players? Your experiences/thoughts?

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    Ideal number of players? Your experiences/thoughts?

    Someone asked me this elsewhere, so I figured I'd give my reply here, too, as well as ask for what experiences others have had.

    Here's what I said:

    "Personally, I think 4 is the sweet spot. This breaks easily into 2 pairs if the group needs to split up. I have had up to 7 players at times, and this is too much, IMHO, since there is simply not enough time to give each something to do. With smaller groups like 2 or 3, you have more time per PK, but the amount of PK interaction is lower, which is a pity. Hence, in my mind, 4 has emerged as the sweet spot. But it does depend on the GM and the players, too.

    That being said, my two current campaigns have 5 and 6 players, respectively... :P"

    I have played in groups (non-Pendragon) which had players from 2 to 10 or so. The latter was clearly way too many. Most of the players spent the session chatting with one another or doing something else, while waiting for their turn / something that they could contribute to. On the other end, 2 players means that both of them must be present and ready to do heavy mental lifting. Which might be hard after a long week at work.

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    My 2c:
    I would agree that 4 is the right number of players. I have been playing long standing campaigns that lasted for several years. That is why I like to have 5 players. This means that when 1 cannot attend the game still can continue with 4. With only 4 players and one cannot come it may mean you skip the session all together.
    The best part in this is that KAP is also a good game when you only have 2 or 3 players.

    On the other hand KAP is less interesting when the number increases above 5. KAP is a game for personal glory and so each PK needs air time to shine. With more players this cannot achieved well, even less than other systems imho.

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    I think it depends on the players as well as the GM. If they do not want the in-depth air-time, 6 players can be done. The more in-depth they want, the fewer the players should be involved because not everyone will get the chance to shine as Cornelius mentions.

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    I like 4 best. I have made 5/6 work, but people get shuffled out. With 2 or 3, you don't have enough resources and some group dynamics are lost

    Solo is a different ballgame - then you can go all in on Entourage, etc

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    I'm working with two players. What I've found is that it gives me more latitude to highlight, use and expand on NPCs/entourage, and ensure that if "someone needs to die" they get the short end of the stick.

    Of course, bad rolls will hit the PCs too; I'm referring to dramatic story pressure. If I had four players or more, then one of them would have to bite it, and at three there would be a temptation. The players are not really used to dynastic play, so I'm going to have to find ways of easing them into that over time.


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