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Thread: [Roll20] Book of Battle Army Decks

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    [Roll20] Book of Battle Army Decks

    Like many here I'm sure have noticed, with age does not come the freedom to do what ever you like. Time for gaming is at a premium, people you game with are all over the world and even if you are at reasonable proximity you'll still waste an hour or more of game time for travel. So we turn to other ways...

    Roll20 has been good to me and the character sheet made by Tontione continues to serve even if it's not 100% up to date. Anyway, we do not complain when free things work for us. But running battles. Book of Battle needs a lot of scrolling back and forth on the PDF. There are still no bookmarks or hyperlinks despite I remember seeing someone promise such features in the next update. That was 2013. But I digress.

    I have been devising ways to make running battles on Roll20 easier and thus have come up with these here "Army Decks". Pop on into Roll20, top right you've got your three bars icon "collections" and there you can add a new deck. I've included a picture of what settings I'm using. For first round modified result you can still roll and pick from the deck the correct card.

    Disclaimer: None of the art on the decks is mine. It's all royalty free stuff from the internets and I'm not taking a penny for these. Just wanted to share if anyone else finds them useful.
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    This would be really great if I used Roll20, but it has kind of inspired me to make a physical copy.

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    Fantastic add. Definitely saving these to my files if I end up running a Pendragon game down the road.

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