While going through the Ardennes map, I've noticed a few things which could be fixed in it.

On page 258-259 is a picture of the Ardennes, with areas marked for four of the five (as written on p 262) counties of Ardennes. But the County of Salm is not drawn on the map. The only reference to Salm is the river going to the river Moselle north of Trier. So where is the County of Salm?

Then the text (p 263) says Amblève is town, while on the map Amblève is made to look like a Royal Manor. Could the map symbol be updated?

Same applies to Rochefort, it is said to be a town, but on the map it is just a stone fort.

For both of these I could do with a new symbol on town too, making some of the currently marked as Cities to towns.

The city of Tongeren north of Liege isn't mentioned anywhere in the Frankland chapter (14). If it is indeed a town/city, I guess it should be mentioned in the text about Frankland too. I guess it should be in the Prince-Bishop of Liege section.

I really love the map, it is great, but I'd also liked a "player" version of it without this much details, just the main towns cities, but not the special places.