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Thread: Character sheet corrections

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    Character sheet corrections

    I've sofar noticed a few things which should be fixed in the Character sheet:

    1) The combat skill of Siege doesn't have a printed row on the character sheet, while Horsemanship exists twice. I suggest the Horsemanship under the Combat Skills would be replaced with Siege.

    2) The note in the Skills category says "+1 Bonus per Glory of target" which can't be correct. I guess it should be as in Pendragon "+1 Bonus per 1000 Glory", which makes sense.

    3) On the backside in the Annual Glory Rewards Section I guess Piety could/should be replaced with Pious instead.

    4) Is the Upper cap "h" really like that in section headers like Horses or Holdings, it looks like it would be a lower cap. Visible on both sides of the sheet. Also the letter "k" has the same question even if I see it is different when it is in an word.

    If at least the top two would be addressed before print, that would be excellent.

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    The first line (Heraldry and Recognize) should read:
    * +1 per 1,000 Glory of target.
    The second line (Courtesy, Dancing, Eloquence and Romance) should read:
    ** +1 per 1,000 Glory.

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