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Thread: New PALADIN Actual-Play Series

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    Okay, we're off and running with Paladin, at long last!

    The first half of the episode finds us polishing up the player-knights and going over some rules changes before we get into "The Adventure of the Jewel"—one of the two "squire level" scenarios from the book. Those of you who listened to our "Paladin Demo" episode last year may remember this scenario, as it formed one half of that demo session. It should be interesting to see how the outcome differs from our first time around, but we won't find that out til next week!

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    We're back! We wrap up "The Adventure of the Jewel" with plenty of adolescent squire hijinks...and some unexpected heroism.

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    This week's installment sees our first brush up against the battle system, as well as an ugly encounter with the Shock rules.

    After the session, I decided to institute a house rule that attribute points lost to Shock are restored during the following Winter Phase. My players are quite good about not abusing the Passion system, and so I feel the Shock rules come across as a bit too punitive. We'll see how it goes...

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