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Thread: New PALADIN Actual-Play Series

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    We're back! It's been a few weeks thanks to Gen Con and subsequent con crud, but we're in the Paladin saddle yet again and it feels so good!

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    Those of you who listened to our Great Pendragon Campaign no doubt recall the journey into the realm of Sir Longhop, the Frog-Knight.

    This is another one for the "weird relationships Jen gets her characters into" category, albeit in a much more religiously titillating manner (as befits the setting).


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    Once again, we flirt with a TPK at the hands of the Alps' resident wolf population. But fear not! Only half the party are seriously wounded! Oh, and later on someone else gets permanently brain-damaged outside the walls of Verona.

    All in all, a tough session for our heroes, yet one that leaves everybody anxious for more.

    Oh, and due to Jen's absence this week, those of you waiting for a resolution to Avissa's tale from last week will just have to sit tight for another week more.

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    I'm not sure if it's our more intentionally laconic pacing, or the extra-juicy new material in Paladin, but it sure seems like our Winter Phases take up a significant chunk of our sessions nowadays; this time around, it's basically half the session! Good times are had, of course.
    And then it's off to Saxony! Cue the black metal! Hurrah!

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    The super-hunk Widukind makes his first appearance in this exciting session in which the vulnerable town of Fritzlar is put under siege by a horde of Saxons. Can our heroes survive the night long enough to see the light once again?

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