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Thread: New PALADIN Actual-Play Series

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    We're back! It's been a few weeks thanks to Gen Con and subsequent con crud, but we're in the Paladin saddle yet again and it feels so good!

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    Those of you who listened to our Great Pendragon Campaign no doubt recall the journey into the realm of Sir Longhop, the Frog-Knight.

    This is another one for the "weird relationships Jen gets her characters into" category, albeit in a much more religiously titillating manner (as befits the setting).


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    Once again, we flirt with a TPK at the hands of the Alps' resident wolf population. But fear not! Only half the party are seriously wounded! Oh, and later on someone else gets permanently brain-damaged outside the walls of Verona.

    All in all, a tough session for our heroes, yet one that leaves everybody anxious for more.

    Oh, and due to Jen's absence this week, those of you waiting for a resolution to Avissa's tale from last week will just have to sit tight for another week more.

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    I'm not sure if it's our more intentionally laconic pacing, or the extra-juicy new material in Paladin, but it sure seems like our Winter Phases take up a significant chunk of our sessions nowadays; this time around, it's basically half the session! Good times are had, of course.
    And then it's off to Saxony! Cue the black metal! Hurrah!

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    The super-hunk Widukind makes his first appearance in this exciting session in which the vulnerable town of Fritzlar is put under siege by a horde of Saxons. Can our heroes survive the night long enough to see the light once again?

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    Last week, we had a Michaelmas feast and were just able to squeeze in a Winter Phase:

    This week, an action-packed session sees jousts, judicial combats, enchanted fountains, magical rings, enchanted weapons, tense standoffs, and earnest debates on the nature of honor and justice. Oh, and someone goes mad and runs off into the woods!

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    We raise a glass to Greg Stafford and his legacy at the top of the session, then take on the final act of the the first adventure out of the Paladin Scenarios book, "The Gardens of Fortune."

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    After a couple weeks off for spooky tales and general R&R, we return to the world of Charlemagne and his paladins. This session is half Winter Phase, half feast, and stands as an excellent example of how the former often heavily informs the game play of the "regular" session, as various solos, personal and family events, and other random elements create unexpected storylines of their own...

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    Des and Larkins flew back from Greg Stafford's memorial this morning, and then we played some Paladin in the afternoon, as you do. Larkins debuted a d20 from Greg's personal collection, and it rolled many a critical success—a proper warmup for next week, when everyone dies...

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