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    All Under Heaven

    So now we have Charlemagne as an expansion of the KAP ruleset into a sympathetic setting.

    There has been limited discussion on the idea of taking KAP into greek/trojan myth ("Before Iron").

    It occurred to me the other day that there is another low-hanging fruit for a setting appropriate to the mechanics and passions KAP uses: the warring states period of ancient China--especially as found in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

    Not sure what would be necessary to obtain the rights to do a pen-and-paper game for that, but to the best of my knowledge nothing as such exists.


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    Hey Khanwulf,
    Have a look at the "Once upon a time in China" section in the fan creation "Great Book of Pendragon Treasures":

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringan View Post
    Hey Khanwulf,
    Have a look at the "Once upon a time in China" section in the fan creation "Great Book of Pendragon Treasures":
    That's interesting and could serve as a basis for further work (though much of it is too Wuxia for the intent), however I'm thinking earlier, at the end of the Zhou Dynasty (475 - 221 BC), during the Warring States Period. Feudalism had not yet collapsed, the Emperor was simultaneously a figurehead and a source of moral and temporal authority, yet the lords did what they pleased, fought constantly and the best of them strived to stabilize the chaos.

    It also has plenty of (semi-legendary) material on which to base a timeline with annual events.

    Actually, if the original source material alone is referenced (versus other adaptations in film, video game) everything should be public domain....


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    I believe that the Warring States Period is also when The Art of War was written.
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    I prefer Three Kingdoms to Warring States mainly because I already know all the personalities and major battles.

    The novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms is contemporaneous with Mallory as well and has a very similar feel with its nostalgia and sometimes anachronistic PoV.

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    Aargh. I'm getting the periods confused! I did mean Three Kingdoms... 169 AD to 280 AD.


    Backing up again, I managed to confuse myself from an assertion in the "Once upon a time in China" section Ringan references, claiming that feudalism had collapsed during the Han Dynasty. I think now the author means "Ming", since that is the main period used in section, which aspires to a Wuxia take on things.

    I'm much more interested in applying passion and glory to the semi-historical record of the Three Kingdoms and their characters. So... mea culpa aside, it looks ripe for Pendragon-ization.


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    The main thing is to have religious traits for the two major religions (Confucianism and Taoism). I leave out Legalism because all the main characters are Legalists who aspire (or wish to appear) to be Confucian so its not a focus of the genre. Taosim is of course quite important and is where most of the magicians are found.

    I would say that Taoist Sorcery is the wizardly magic of the setting and Confucian magic is the Divine kind. Instead of Love (God) one prays with (Filial) Piety.

    A Confucian Gentleman must be: Honest, Prudent, Just, Generous, Modest and Temperate

    Chivalry obviously has to be changed as well, which I would call Righteousness: Merciful, Valorous, Generous, Just, Energetic and uh, one other. Neither Trusting nor Chaste seem to fit and having three overlapping traits seems like too much. THe last time I thought about this you only needed 5 Religious Traits ^^.

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