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Thread: Corrections not included

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    Corrections not included

    Hi guys,
    I just had the chance to peruse a bit of the Paladin rulebook PDF I received as a backer.
    I couldn't help but notice that none of my comments/corrections seem to have been included into this version!

    A lot of these were purely cosmetic (mostly consistency in word capitalisation and so on), e.g.: at p. 15, there is still the "Pious" Trait, which is now "Spiritual".

    However some of them were quite substantial:
    - The knighting age is 18 in several spots, but it should be 21.
    - Glory is accrued from characteristics over 16, every time they increase. In the PDF this rule is not present, but at p. 181 there's this sentence: "Glory for Passion or Traits over 16 should be calculated. See the Passive Glory section in Chapter 4 for more information."

    Maybe someone can include my comments/corrections in the next PDF version? Hopefully before going to print? I can send the file with the corrections.


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    Hello guys,

    In Chapter 18 & 19, the upper section were the title of the section appear doesn't work registrer. In chapter 18, it's label as "section title" (top right of the page on odd numbered pages) on page 375 to page 438. Then again page 443. Also in Chapter Nineteen is labelled on the top of the page as Chapter Two starting page 392 to page 438. (Error found by Dmn Wrr and me posted in KS comments)

    The followin error were posted by Hugo Barbosa in KS comments section:
    Page 29, Patron Saint: As roiled above. Some branches of the family can have different patron saints, this is perfectly alright. ("roiled" should read rolled)
    Page 52, Anno 739, On the road, Orson steals the ring and sells his companion as a slave. (Shouldn't it be Hugo stealing the ring? Mind you I haven't read the books so I may be missing something.)
    Page 60: Enfances Roland, as a follow up for year 752. However, the previous year is 750 and not 752.

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    About Orson and Hugo (in Orson de Beauvais, anno 738), it is indeed Hugo who is the bad guy.

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    "Passion Results Table" is not in the rulebook.

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