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Thread: On-line Persistent Play (via MUSH)

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    On-line Persistent Play (via MUSH)

    We tried this once before in MUSH (multi-user shared hallucination/habitat - fancy telnet) format with mixed success (100+ players, 20-40 on at any given time from around the world) back in late 2015 early 2016. With just a sheet and a dice roller, folks picked up on play, many went and bought the books/pdfs to learn more about KAP. Some squabbles over theme as well as lack of automation for things such as combat led to its early demise as well.

    That said, the code was dusted off two years later. Looking at keeping personal mechanics (char sheets, char interactions, combat mechanics, etc.) but home built politics/economics/wealth/resources for MUSH/persistent play format, mostly due to the nature of time scale (days are 1:1, less manor/family/estate building in the traditional scale of a KAP campaign).

    Thought we'd poll here for interest as well while we work out bugs of mechanics. Anyone familiar with MUSH would certainly be welcome to come on in and kick around at the code to see what breaks as we move forward. This is a coming in the future project, closer to April or May probably for a full open, but getting a little word out now.

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    I'd worry about the time-scale a bit, personally. One of the neat things of a Pendragon campaign is that it spans generations. While I recognize that a MUSH context is different, by making the time-scale 1:1, this means that you will never really see your in-game kids growing, etc. Also, if you go travelling/questing, you can easily take yourself out of the game for quite some time. Not to mention that the 1:1 rate will get very boring very quickly, too. Nothing advances from day to day, or, conversely, they advance too quickly: player characters dying within a week due to getting into too many combats, etc, to break the boredom. Healing takes forever, as well.

    Instead, I would be more keen to make it 7:1, one day in the real world is a week in the game world. This gives you a nice rate of healing, too: you are likely healed in a few days real time, rather than needing to wait for a month or more. Also, this means that the characters age a year in 52 days, a bit shy of 2 months. You might have your next generation ready in 3 years real time.

    Are you planning on following GPC storyline? And/or having some canonical characters who are played by the staff, like Arthur and Guinevere?

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    I agree on the time scale and its importance to a KAP campaign. A MUSH is the different colored horse here. In our initial run, time scale was 3:1 and this was too fast for many MUSHers, one of the regular complaints we had on the staff/GM side of things. Most MUSHers will RP plenty outside of a typical adventure and quickly fill up the time. Part of the cure to boredom is taking the condensation of what happens in Winter Phase and allowing that to play out over time instead of in a few rolls. I know it sounds weird, but it works for RP'ers in a MUSH environment.

    In our original attempt, we were following the GPC. It was set just prior to Arthur and Guinevere's wedding (514 AD give or take off the top of my head without looking at the book). To accommodate many players and tastes, PCs were knight as well as ladies, in small manors. It was set up to allow new players to learn the system. They were Salisbury Knights. They played a few local tourneys out of Serum in preparation for the wedding tourney. It was staged to allow successful knights in the tourney to join with the home team in the Grand Melee at the wedding tourney. That was meant to play off the disputes between Gloucester and Clarence by division of those teams, and deal with honor and tourney formalities. They were allowed to meet Arthur during ceremony and feasting. We started in 514 with the hopes to build knowledge of the system and within the year (3:1 timescale) to get to the big battle in 518.

    It worked, but following the GPC is perhaps better campaign style with a small group. On a MUSH, one of the things players enjoy playing are the houses and day to day activities involved with politics. Not enough adventure for that many people sort of loses the luster of it. I also remember back on the old KAP yahoo group, one poster had indicated they had a group enjoy KAP so much and were attached to their characters that the just continued afterwards and managed to play through the crusades eventually. So, we're looking at something removed from legendary time period, but with conflict, turmoil and, for some, a longing for the glory of old. We will have the game set in a fictional setting loosely based on 1330s in northern Italy. Its the time of warring city states and the condottieri. Its the time the Scaligers of Verona begin their conquest and domination of nearby neighbors and Azzone Visconti of Milan does the same. They'll be in the equivalent of the Republic Venice, who has for a time been focused beyond the shores of Italy but with the expansion of larger city states such as Verona and Milan will have a return to focus on their neighbors.

    Its more Pendragon in mechanics, which I should of been more explicit in expressing.

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    Just an update this is online and active with 20 to 30 players active most days.

    The thematic website is at:
    Instructions for connecting to the game are there. The format is MUSH. Willing to help anyone unfamiliar with this format that is willing to try. The focus is story based role playing in a live environment.

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    Hey, does anyone have the latest update on this game?. I'm looking to connect.
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