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Thread: Charlemagne to Pendragon

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    Coming back to this a bit late, but would also like to thank you Ruben for weighing in.

    1. Yes, it was clear that the intent was to spike armor damage on a crit, as well as bound the upper limits of damage into a more consistent midrange. Do you have any comments on the main complaint associated with this? That it makes SIZ even more important than it already is? You either have those damage dice to roll, or you don't, after all!

    2. Since Paladin came out I've read ... more of the source texts than I should have, frankly. Mostly Innamorato and Furioso, but still. And yes, armor damage, exhausted opponents and the like seem to be more of a trope in KC than in the sources for KAP--where knights are little energizer bunnies until they stop fighting and fall over.

    3. Again with the tropes. A counter mechanical proposal? For every point of HP under 50%, apply a -1 penalty. That should have you well and truly weaving by the time you hit uncon threshold. Basically: unhealthy == penalty or naptime.

    5. Would you mind posting what you recommend as the corrected text? Could we expect an errated version of the book, later?

    7. So basically, paladins and other highly passionate knights (since Honor is not the exclusive trait to check) will tend to acquire more Honor over time, faster, by swearing dreadful oaths. How do you propose to deal with the unbounded acquisition of Honor that will inevitably occur in play? Rocking +10 to skill is cool until it's done all the time thanks to 39+ Honor. I suppose that guy (or gal, um, Marfisa?) is the stuff of legends and wins contests versus Roland, though.

    I actually found it clear that for the sake of the [supernaturally-driven] setting Charlemagne is especially blessed and serves as an artificial focal point for divine favor in wholely unrealistic (and unscriptural) ways.


    PS. Dedicated subforum? Soon?

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    Ad 1) If some consider the max damage rule for crits make SIZ more important, then so be it. I've tried to make APP also more important. And DEX. Much will depend on how much fighting you do during a campaign, of course. The more fighting, the more important SIZ becomes. But then again, putting points in a skill like Swimming could also save your life one day.

    Ad 3) I actually considered that possibility, but the KAP game mechanics usually fall into 4 categories (crit, succes, fail, fumble), so I thought it would be more elegant to divide State of Health into four sections as well (0, -5, -10, unconscious). It's also a bit simpler and easy to remember. It's the best tested new rule, which I've applied for over 15 years now, and also one of the best accepted by my players.

    Ad 5) The same as before but without the attack bonus for unarmed fighters?

    Ad 7) First of all, I've never seen players with 25+ Honor because of oaths. No matter how high your Honor is, if you swear an oath and then fail to accomplish it, you will LOOSE the points (or DIE in case of a negative vow). In a general sense, I feel that GMs should make it hard to maintain high Honor. Many things players would want to do to solve problems are dishonorable, and Honor often conflicts with other passions. Use it to challenge your player knights.

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