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Thread: Pendragon to Prince Valiant Rules Conversion

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    Using Prince Valiant Rules?

    Has anyone ever tried to play Pendragon using Greg Stafford's OTHER similar rules system for "Prince Valiant"?

    I'm thinking that it's simplicity could attract some more casual Pendragon players.
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    Actually, that is exactly why I am here! I found KAP and GPC a few days ago and, though I love it, my eyes glassed over reading hundreds of pages and though how am I going to get others to play this via asynchronous PbP!? That's when I found Prince Valiant and now I have a couple forming up to (two PCs so far who have no KAP experience) to play through the GPC via Prince Valiant. Wish me luck if you would LOL!

    If it goes well, I'll walk them up to King Arthur Pendragon: Book of Knights, and hopefully finally a full on KAP game!
    I am interested in playing Prince Valiant, King Arthur Pendragon: Book of Knights, or King Arthur Pendragon: The Great Pendragon Campaign via PbP asynchronously via Discord/Rollgate/etc.

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    I'm actually interested in the reverse... if there is any specific guidance on taking the scenarios in PV and translating them over for KAP. They're descriptive, and the characters involved can always be statted by hand, but if someone else has experience that would be helpful.


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    The challenge with trying to convert KAP to Prince Valiant (and perhaps vice versa) is that there's a lot of magic in KAP (or can be) — wizardry (Merlin, Mongan le Fey, et al), faerie creatures, dragons, giants, etc. are often part of the fabric of the adventures (or can be). Hal Foster eschewed magical stuff, providing mundane explanations for things like ogres (big, developmentally challenged humans), giants (bigger developmentally challenged humans), and dragons (dinosaurs, although that didn't last long because Foster thought it was too fantastical). Merlin and Morgan le Fey are more like alchemists and tricksters than real magic users. So I found PV's narrative "platform" to be much more narrow that KAPs. But then what do I know — the PRINCE VALUE comic strip continues to be published to this day, after 70 years. So, I guess they haven't run out of creative ideas yet. But if you want to be true to the spirit of PV, all of your "magical" creatures will have a mundane, if slightly twisted, foundation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taliesin View Post
    But if you want to be true to the spirit of PV, all of your "magical" creatures will have a mundane, if slightly twisted, foundation.
    I would disagree with this part of Taliesin's reply.
    You can easily keep the "magical" aspects of KAP and GPC while adding in the plot and themes (and twists) of PV.

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    Well it's simply about cribbing the best ideas and chucking them into the story blender. If someone has gone to all the work to do a scenario, I'd like to make use of it and do so at minimum effort... so that can be spent on, oh-- reading on late-Roman bathroom practices, or somesuch.

    I daresay my KAP efforts add about 100% more supernatural than vanilla GPC supports, but mostly behind the scenes. It's not hard to take mundane material and magic it up if required.


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