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Thread: Hambury real?

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    Hambury real?

    Is Hambury in the Salisbury a real site or just something made up?

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    There's a modern Hambury on the south coast of England, but it does not seem related to Salisbury.
    Domesday online reports the town of Hanbury (with an "n") in Wilshire, Ash Hundred, near to modern-day Hanbury:

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    Since the Salisbury map in KAP marks ir as an ancient site and I couldn't find anything online I was just wondering. If nothing else, I'll mark it as an ancient burial mound.

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    In the 5.0 core book on the map is mentioned Hambury, but not in the description. there is mentioned a Yarnbury (WHich is not on the map). So I concluded that this was the same location. Yarnbury is described as 30 acres enclosed ancient earthworks. (See page 60 of the book)

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