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Thread: Passion Roll to Recover another failed Passion Roll

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepyWill View Post
    Hi, Luca's GM here just to explain, the above scenario (which has not been explained correctly anyway) was in response to 4, yes 4 hours of constant bickering and rules lawyering and in those four hours we managed to get three rounds of combat fought. There was name calling, accusations of cheating, requests to have players banned from my game. The works. This was all about as low a stakes local tournament as can be imagined. With this being the case, I made a call to get the game moving again. Was it the correct call? Well, we're playing again, and only because of the decisions I made, so I would say yes.
    In our games we have 2 rules:
    1. GM's rule is law.
    2. You may argue, but in the end: see rule 1.

    I listen to each argument and then make a ruling. The ruling is final for that evening.
    If I do not like the outcome later on I will explain this to the players and change my ruling.
    This limits the rulelawyering discussions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cornelius View Post
    Your PK has a Love (Wife) or an Amor(Lady). During a tournament your fight is going bad and you still wish to impress the lady a passion roll is apropriate.
    I'd allow this only if it makes sense in the story. For example, the Lady in question has tasked the PK to do well in the tournament (one of those Amour tasks), or the PK is fighting against a romantic rival. "My wife is watching, I want to impress her." would not be enough for me, just as "The King is watching, I want to impress him, Loyalty(Pendragon)!" would not fly.

    I think there was a rule that you could use traits as well as passions to get inspired (but not sure if it is still in 5.1),
    KAP 5.2, p. 85:

    At the Gamemaster’s option, minor Inspiration may be
    gained from a critical success with a Trait, gaining the character a
    +5 modifier to one Skill selected by the player, lasting for the du-
    ration of the situation that provoked the roll. Such Inspiration
    should be gained only in rare instances, for it is usually the do-
    main of Passions, not Traits. Still, when a truly dramatic Trait
    roll occurs, Inspiration can make the process far more exciting.
    The possibility of Inspiration also makes Trait rolls more enter-
    taining in general.

    Something must trigger the new roll (for instance other knights calling out; the opponent that threatens your family/lady or something like that).
    Yep. New threats or insults during the duel might allow for a Passion roll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirUkpyr View Post
    SleepyWill, I would give one word of advice. Sit down with your players and ask them how they want passions to run going forward.
    Let them know that every PK (excluding the one who has already gotten a double-passion roll) will get one free "failed my passion - get a different passion roll".

    The idea is that you come up with the players *how* the issue in the future will be handled, while also giving everyone 1 free "double-passion" reroll if needed.

    You might even give the players a timeframe for how long they can hold onto their double passion reroll, based on how often you play.

    Good luck getting this all sorted.

    Thanks everyone for the kind words! Yes, when I made the decision, it was stated at the time, as soon as this tournament is over, we will go and look at the rules, and decide as a group what we want going forward, the decision was only ever about getting the game moving again!


    Moving onto the alternative rules discussion, it's funny, I seem to have the opposite problem! I may have oversold the risk of passions to my players, because many of them don't use them when the probably should! Poor Luca's character has just run off, maddened, from my game, though in the same combat, a player crit - but I tend to say no to passion rolls I feel are frivolous, not that I have to much. That being said, two of my players have started to use them every combat, and my tactic so far has been to match their use of passions with asking to test against them to push their characters to act in undesirable ways - if you're telling me your character is unusually driven by their passions, then I shall match that!

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