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Thread: Seducing Guinevere

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    In addition to Morien's comments, all of which are highly appropriate recommendations, you may attempt to amass wealth and bribe your liege or the father of a particularly well-placed lady. The amounts you'd need to impress such, however, generally will mean that by the time you get it (ransoms, battle loot, etc.) you'll have plenty of glory to back that up as well.

    I don't know of any reasonable examples, but consider that the ransom for a baron could be between 100 and 300 L (1 year's income). If you're lining up for a shot at what could be a significant financial reward for your family over time, counterbalancing that with an up-front down-payment to the family you're marrying into works and is appropriate.


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    The GM is known for a detailed and well thought out story. He is also known for not giving exp or loot. I am looking forward to our first session this Saturday. Thank you all again!

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