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Thread: Gen Con 2017

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    Gen Con 2017

    I plan to be at Gen Con this year

    I will be hanging around the Nocturnal and/or Chaosium booths

    I'd love to meet any of you who are coming. Be sure to let me know your real name and your forum name!
    -- Greg Stafford
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    Hope your con experience went well. While normally I attend, this year corresponded with a family vacation, so no dice (literally). Would have been great to shake your hand.


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    Was there any news from Gen Con on the other Pendragon books in the pipe such as The Book of Salisbury or The Book of Castles? With the Charlemagne kickstarter and the death of Mr. Wieck I wouldn't be surprised at some additional delays, but I was curious if there was any news one way or the other.

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    Hzark10, the author of Book Of Sires, said its release is impending.
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    But probably next year sayeth the author.

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    Cool, thanks for the update. It'll probably be next year before I wrap up my current 5E campaign and am ready to start the GPC with a new group anyways. Mostly its just good to know that this stuff is still in the pipe and being worked on.

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