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Thread: PALADIN on Kickstarter now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pnic101 View Post
    I see that a print copy of KAP 5.2 is available as part of this. Any word on when those copies will ship? At the same time as the Paladin book, or sooner?
    I am unable to answer this question.

    But I would guess they would be sent together, since that saves a lot of money
    but I do not know
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    AGH! This Kickstarter flew completely below my radar! Is it too late to hop on? It looks like the backerkits are only being sent now?

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    Don't worry von wildensee: I received an update yesterday, saying that the Backerkit is ready, but that something was not 100% OK, so they needed to delay it a few days.
    Looks like you'll have the chance to hop on the Paladin bandwagon soon...

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    Hopefully that'll be the case!

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    I have a question....not sure if this is the right place. I've never backed a Kickstarter project before, but I backed the Kickstarter with $100 a few months ago and I THINK that means I'd get the Core Book and the Scenario (Adventure) Book as well. (I guess the PDFs too, but I don't really care about the PDFs) I understanding this correctly? Thanks in advance!

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    NOTE: I'm not in any way involved in the Kickstarter, but I'm a fellow backer. This is how I understand this Kickstarter works.

    Yes, max_vale, you have pledged the right amount to receive both the Paladin corebook and the Adventures book. However, in order to receive the correct items, you'll have to choose the Adventure book as an add-on in the Backerkit (which will be opened shortly, from what I understand).
    You have pledged at the 60 $ level, and this entitles you to the paper corebook, but the remaining 40 $ could be used to buy several add-ons: dice, the Pendragon book, and so on. So, when you get invited to Backerkit, you'll just indicate that the 40 $ are for the Adventure book, and you are set. However, note that you'll have to add a certain (until now undisclosed) amount for shipping charges.
    PDF files of the books are included when you buy the physical copies. You may not care for them, but they give you the chance to read, enjoy and possibly play the books in advance, while you patiently wait for the paper copies to be printed and shipped to you...
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    Awesome; thanks mandrill; I really appreciate it! I also didn't realize that I'd receive the PDFs BEFORE the physical yeah, that is cool. Thanks again!

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    Has this ended? Can I still join? I don't play RPG's regularly anymore, but I try to keep involved by supporting RPG projects. I'd like to be a backer for this if it's still open.
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