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    Some elements of the game seem to lend themselves to the idea that materials need to be gathered to be used, but there are no rules for materials usage and materials gathering. I'm just wondering if something was left out.

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    No, there was no intent to make the gathering of materials part of the game.
    But if you don't mind, which sections are those?
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    For example you have the special Skinning test which is intended to give you the hide of the animal, but with no concept on managing that hide, or mentioning that you can extract the bones, entrails, and sinews. But again, no mention of what they do beyond fluff.

    Then you have the various craftsmanship skills which feel a bit incomplete since from the sound of it you're not using anything to make it. This includes the part on how many blades you can get from a chunk of stone without clarifying anything about said chunk.

    Even just an explination that in most areas crafting materials are abstracted except for a couple exceptions, and then explaining those exceptions, would have done wonders for general clarity. As is I must have looked through the book 5 times to see if there was a rule I missed.
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    Greg, this was posted in the forum for the Würm game. Don't think that one's yours...


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    Greg, this was posted in the forum for the Würm game. Don't think that one's yours...


    From the sound of it he was still likely involved with the localization and clarification.

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