I'm planning to start running the Great Pendragon Campaign. I have a few tentatively interested and am looking for some additional players outside my usual crowd and make some new gaming friends. Would love to get an equal number of male and female players.

Here are some details
  • we'll be using the 5.2 ruleset
  • game will meet face to face every other week in the Glendale CA area
  • we will do 1:1 sessions and Courting scenarios in off weeks on Roll20 (or maybe e-mail). If this doesn't work out, we might move to weekly if desired.
  • the campaign world will have female knights - they are common enough to not cause comment

Once all the players are in place, we can discuss whether we want a strictly canon campaign where most all events happen as scripted or whether we want to move off script as desired.

In the spirit of full disclosure, it will be my first time running KAP.

PM me if interested (I think I'm setup to allow PMs - if not just reply here)

--- David