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Thread: Errata for KAP 5.2

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    Errata for KAP 5.2

    Hi, I just found my first errata for KAP 5.2:

    - p. 125, col. 1, par. 5 "Example of Combat Glory": change "Chapter 6" to "Appendix 6".

    Maybe a forum Administrator could create the corresponding sub-forum and put this thread there?

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    Another errata for KAP 5.2, prompted by a thread on Directed Trait rolls (

    All instances of "apply a +/-X bonus/penalty to the Yyyy roll" (where "Yyyy" is a statistic) should be changed to "apply a +/-X bonus/penalty to the Yyyy score" for clarity. The only exception to this rule are the bonuses added to dice rolls when the statistic is over 20.

    As a further clarification, the phrase at p. 115 that reads "Note that the die roll can never be reduced, only increased, in King Arthur Pendragon. A penalty to a statistic is applied to the statistic’s value, not to the roll itself." could be changed to "Note that, except for this bonus, the die roll for a statistic is never reduced or increased in King Arthur Pendragon. A bonus or penalty to a statistic is always applied to the statistic’s value, never to the roll itself."

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    In the rules for the Lover's Solo, on p. 234 the following appears: "Successes at this stage lead only toward more liberties (that is, only time can reduce her RF now!):". However, there is no other mention of time reducing reluctance factor, nor what the rate of reduction is. This needs to be included, or some way of reducing reluctance during Step 4 needs to be introduced.

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    p. 211, next to last paragraph: change "required make" to "required to make".

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