Just a quick question regarding flanking. Can you use the gain a flank from the central front position and if so do you just go to the left or right flank position or to the right or left front position. If the 2rd can you do the manoeuvre again to gain the flank or not?

How does the pick up dropped weapon work when being attacked as the card says do a agility test. we did that and i got a critical but the attack i got gave the control back to the attacker so which card do you use for the crontrol as the attack card was pummel attack?

what defence can be used against a duck and counter as the counter part says you just attack? what happens when you draw the action card and its the defend you use on the counter? does it succeed as the original attacker ie the defender now does not have a defence card? or does he get a defence and if so what type of attack is it coming in?

I only got the cards for the barbarian expansion. The named gladiators and the legendary gladiator. were there rules for using these? if so please are you able to send them to me please. my email is sidneysmith@hotmail.com

thank you for your help

Neil Siddons-Smith