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Thread: Dice Mechanics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taliesin View Post
    That's why I posted this in the House Rules forum.
    True, true.

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    I went back to BRP to change how the dice work. Crits are much less common at high skill totals but I adopt the 'special' category from BRP as well.

    Low roll is always better but a special beats normal and a crit beats special always.

    You crit on the tens digit of your skill. If your skill is under 10, then no crits for you. This means that a passion merely improves your chance to crit by 1.
    You get a special result on your crit result times 4. If your skill is under 10 you get a special on 1.

    All the usual modifiers from KAP still apply so if the ones digit of your skill is over 5 then the normal +/-5 kicks you up to the next crit level and if is under then it knocks you down.

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    Several surveys have been done, including some in classrooms - the general preference in the US is roll high. About 60:30:10 High:Low:no preference.

    I myself collected data with 5th and 6th graders - and I got roughly that same ratio. So Roll Low isn't always better.
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