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Thread: Le Morte d'Arthur Kickstarter

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    Le Morte d'Arthur Kickstarter

    I just realized the existence of this!!

    Just a question: since i'm in a period of very low budget...two questions:

    1) will you allow people to add things in the pledgemanager phase?

    2) will the books be available (much) later on on retail?

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    The Arthurian Concordance by Phyllis Ann Carr looks to be the third edition of the King Arthur Companion (previously published by Chaosium). It's a good encyclopedia of Le Morte D'Arthur. Personally, of the books I own, I felt that Ronan Coghlan's Encyclopedia of Arthurian Legends was better. It's a more widely and deeply researched book, with references to a lot of obscure Arthurian legends. However, it is out of print. In addition, the work on KAC shaped the third and later editions of Pendragon so it's definitely of interest to Pendragon fans.

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    Hello Luca,

    1. Yes, you will be able to add books/games in the BackerKit pledge manager. That will post sometime in March.

    2. Yes, the books will be available in retail, but as you suggest... MUCH later on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iecarus View Post
    Hello Luca,
    2. Yes, the books will be available in retail, but as you suggest... MUCH later on.
    I missed this kickstarter also...I just learned about it while purchasing Pendragon 5.1 on DriveThroughRPG.
    Is there someplace we can sign up for notifications as to when it will be available via retail?


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    Damn, I wish I had seen this sooner. I haven't had a lot of luck with KickStarter, but I would have signed up for this in a heartbeat. The 350USD option looked so good too...

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