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Thread: Character Creation

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    Character Creation

    So, I don't know if I'm reading this wrong or not. A starting character gets 18 Attribute Dice and 7 Skill dice (or 79 pts). How does that work with Adv/Dis/Spcl Abilities? The book recommends 10 dice for those, but doesn't state if that comes out of the other totals, or if it's a separate pool.

    Also, the race package costs in Space don't make any sense to me. How does a Caninoid cost 5 points. Based on costs for other things they get 1 (rank 1) advantage [cost 1], 3 (rank 1) special abilities [cost 3], and 2 (rank 1) disadvantages [cost -2]. That equals 2 points (or skill dice) in character creation cost. Also, if the adv/dis/SA pool is separate, does the race cost come out of that, or out of the skills?

    I wish there was someone I could just talk this system through with.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Space d6 assumes humans for the basic rules. As this is a d6 rule-set, please understand that PCs are better than NPCs. I am mostly familiar with the REUP set of Star Wars rules, so will need a little bit of time to digest any changes myself. But, in your first set of questions, yes, PCs get 18D to spread amongst attributes, and an additional 7 dice to spend on skills. To that total, you can add disads (which give you more dice), advans //special abilities (which cost dice). The max of 10 dice is suggested to keep it within reason.

    So, I have 18 and 7. If I add disads and adv that result in -2 dice, I only have a total of 23, not 25. Likewise, if I add 10 dice in disads, I get 35. The GM must make sure the disads are really disads in play for play balance.

    In your Caninoid example, the cost is indeed 5 dice. The advantages listed have two that cost 3 each. That might be why it costs 5 points to add this to the basic set. Let me examine it in more detail.

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