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Thread: p. 104: Glory for Titles

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    p. 104: Glory for Titles

    Superseded by Book of the Warlord, where:

    Becoming a Knight: 1000 Glory
    Becoming a Vassal Knight: 200 Glory
    Becoming an Estate Holder: 200 Glory
    Becoming a Baron: 200 Glory
    Becoming a Great Noble (Count, Duke): 200 Glory
    Becoming a King: 200 Glory
    Becoming a High King: 500 Glory
    Becoming a Direct Vassal of the King of Logres or the High King: +100 Glory

    In addition, you gain Glory for all the skipped steps:
    For example, when young Robert is knighted and assuming that there would be a king to confirm him as the Count of Salisbury, he would gain: 1000 for knight + 200 for vassal knight + 200 for estate holder + 200 for baron + 200 for count + 100 for becoming a direct vassal of the King = 1900 Glory. Note that this is actually two events: The Knighting (1000) and becoming the Count (900), and thus neither breaks the 1000 limit for a single Glory reward.
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    Maybe I'm wrong...but it looks like these new Glory award rates were not present in the Core rules 5.2.
    My pdf of 5.2 on page 256 still shows the old values.

    Is it done on purpose or was it forgotten?

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    KAP 5.2 only corrected some minor typos and put a new design on the old rules. It does not incorporate any of the rules expansions since 5.1.


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