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Thread: D6 System Reboot Wishlist

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    I'd like to add my vote for D6 legends book as well. I've only recently got in to D6 system first through the free PDF on drivethru and liking what I saw bought the all the core book and supplement books at Noble Knight Games.

    My only problem is counting the pips fast so when I fond out about D6 legends I went and bought DC universe and the Heracles games which are on the way now.
    I'm all ready thinking I can mix D6 legends with the Marvel Universe RPG the one that used stones resource. I'll use the D6's in place of stones but use the MU for its powers. I think I can make it work with very little effort.

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    oh! almost forgot when you do the new books please find better artist because damb that is some pretty bad art, it really kills the mood.

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    My current list of requests:

    Revise the advantages/disadvantages removing the general naming conventions/categories which then have to be read to understand what the heck the adv/disad does. Get rid of the range of effects (bonus or penalty of +4 to +6 and make 'em specific. Look at GURPS or Savage Worlds. Expand all ads/disads to the 1-5 range paying close attention to scaling.

    Scale should be a 0 cost advantage. There are plenty of sneaky bonuses/penalties for large/small sizes and it all evens out. Size should modify things like gear costs, damage, etc. Also give reach so the system needs refinement instead of bonus to hit/penalty to damage.

    Re-instate the reactions from earlier iterations of D6. The roll one defense and that's what you have is easily exploited.

    Clean up ans clarify the language of gun combat.

    Redo gear, getting rid of this could be this or that. Be specific. Weapon hit TNs are especially fuzzy. So much requires GM interference.

    Straighten out the magic/psi/miracles systems so any spell short of a wish is possible without great gaping holes.

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    Hello. Glad to hear we are entering a new era for West End Games. Bravo!

    I own hard copies of all the D6 System books.

    The only book I do not own in print is D6 Magic. As y'all know, this book never made it into print, being released as a .pdf only.

    I would very much like to purchase a print-on-demand copy --finally!-- of D6 Magic.

    I will post a picture of my collection below when I find a camera (and, unlike many such statements, I will be back soon with the pic).

    West End Games d6 Magic.jpg
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    Congratulations on getting D6! I too would like to see a lighter faster playing D6. Basically a combination of Scott Palter's Dead Night of Space's rook system for minor NPC's, mini six's prefigured stats, and Heroquest 2's dramatic story based difficulties. Magic/psionics- player describes what they want to do and the Gm sets the difficulty. Large creatures (T-Rex etc.) and supers that use the scaling rules instead of just more D6's to STR stat. Go back to Star Wars 1st ed.'s wounding levels that way characters or creatures with high resistance rolls still get stunned. Optional-the use of the mechanic for wound level (1x,2x,3x) for determining the level of success for other skills/actions, possibly to even set narrative consequences similar to Fate. Essentially that's what it is except it was only used for a wound track. Advantages and disadvantages that are a die code like stats. Roll die code or even used the default prefigure against a difficulty. Using the wound levels above success adds or subtracts an number of d6's to the skill/ability you are using. Similar to RuneQuest 6's passions. Ex. Your character has Hate Elves 2d6 (5, 2 x the average of 2.5 or use 3 for a prefigure total of 6 if it is quicker for some people). If you beat the difficulty by 1x you get-1D6 to skills interacting with Elves or +1D6 if in a brawl with a Elves, 2x +/-2, etc.

    Even if you decide to go a different route I plan on checking it out.
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    Talent Trees please. Something that lets me do more than just add MOAR DICES as my character improves. Let me unlock special abilities as my characters grow!

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    My wishlist-
    to get involved as a content creator / author.

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    I have the same wish list! Will D6 remain open license? If not, then can we submit our homebrew campaigns for possible publication through Nocturnal Media?

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    a) With Stewart's passing, is this now on hold? or ... cancelled?

    b) if anyone is interested, it looks like Khepera is about to do a new edition of "Mythic d6" which is a Legends based game (focused on supers, but the stretch goals include other genres). It's not live _yet_, just in preview.

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