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Thread: HIDDEN KINGDOM Kickstarter now live!

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    HIDDEN KINGDOM Kickstarter now live!


    I have it on good authority that HIDDEN KINGDOM is a treasure from the mid-80s that may offer some inspiration for KAP players — if it can be brought back from the mist-shoruded Isle of Avalon, where it's been resting all this time:

    Hidden Kingdom on Kickstarter!

    Have you played this game? Please share your experience with the game. If you've never played it, consider backing this Kickstarter anyway— there's no such thing as too many Arthurian games!Rright?

    I've made my pledge. How 'bout you?


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    ― Bernard Cornwell, Excalibur

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    Let's raise enough money to bring this gem to print again!
    I've never played it, but from what I have seen it's extremely well done and interesting. We could even find good ideas to use with KAP...


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