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Thread: Book of Uther errata, part 1

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    Agreed. He's our new superstar proofreader. Next time we'll engage him before we send the book off! I don't think we'll be able to get these implemented and back before Christmas, but there will be a big update early in the New Year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mandrill_one View Post
    p. 103, column 2, line 3: Madoc is knighted before Uther becomes King (correct?), so here it should be "Prince Uther", not "King Uther".
    Yes, and later in the Battle of Menevia commanders, too.

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    Trystero, Taliesin, many thanks! You are too kind. "Ridiculously good" and "superstar" are not word I find applied too often to my work... I'm just happy if I can give some contribution to make BoU a better book!
    And I don't want anyone to forget that the real good work is the book itself, and the real superstars are ALL its authors/editors/collaborators (beginning of course from Greg, who is the best in RPGs and has assembled a terrific team!). I'm honored just to be part of this wonderful world.

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    I noticed another one I think:

    p. 132 in the Place Names Appendix. Refers to Spearshaft being in Jagent. It is referred to as being in Dorsette in the Place Names Appendix in Book of the Warlord (p. 181) and as being in Dorsette in the list of Roman abbeys (p. 85).

    Corresponds to modern Shaftesbury. And in the Salisbury Map it shows up just over the border from the southwest corner. A nice convenient place to be disputed over.
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